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Living room update: Take a look at our current living room and win a living room.

Living room update: Take a look at our current living room and win a great blanket from Elmas Home. Wall color gray | Gray wall | Living room set up ideas | String shelf | paul vera


Probably the biggest challenge in our living room, to get everything under one roof: space for family and friends, space for raving for the wild Hilde and of course very important: a job for me. After 1.5 years ago, with a lot of persuasion on the part of my husband, I decided to give up my job as a management consultant for the benefit of my family and myself. Mostly, I work from home.

And finally there had to be a decent workstation, which does not look overwhelming in our hose-like mini-living room but at the same time offers plenty of storage space. To make matters worse, our walk-through living room consists almost entirely of doors or windows – it does not make it any easier. The solution: a string shelving system.

Not only do you have all kinds of craft stuff for my DIY’s but also my little supplies for my label “kreativkollaps”. And I not only write my blog posts diligently on the integrated table top, but also design your design freebies and take pictures of many DIY tutorials.I am a big fan of the string shelving system, because it can be designed individually but also easily changed at any time (what’s new in the collection you can read in my Wohntrends 2018 review). The initial investment for the design classic is slightly higher, but the chic shelf will keep up with the next few years both in terms of style and quality.

When it comes to lighting, I’m counting on more quality and have decided to invest in a design classic: The Gräshoppa floor lamp designed by Greta Grossmann in the 50s, is now produced by Gubi and is always available in different colors. I am in love with the shapely and elegant lamp, where I can not get enough of it and who can adapt to every style of furnishing. And since several light sources are simply indispensable for a cozy living and working space, the small table lamp “Milk” by & tradition illuminates the evening hours and adapts to every mood thanks to dimmers.

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